Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are you feeling the love?

So today is Valentines Day!

Have you received anything yet??

Well I sit on the fence with this day - I don't dislike it BUT I do have issues with people thinking that they have to buy their loved one a gift and spending too much money!

Husband will come home today with flowers & I will make him a card - and that's about it.

People say "its so commercialised" and I tend to agree - it appears that the "American" factor does play a part in people thinking that they have to do some over the top declaration of their love on this day WHEN if fact you should do it every day.

So today - do what you feel YOU need to do - if its nothing, fine, if you want to spend a gazillion amount of money on 2 red roses, fine but remember that having someone to love and to love you back today is the greatest gift you can get!

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