Monday, September 24, 2012

Why the dream country lifestyle sometimes sucks

So on Friday I was told that our local general store is closing - I was devastated for the owners but also for myself (as a fellow business owner) and the 808 residents of this fine Snowy Mountains town.

So Husband and I thought that we might take on the Lotto  - our little town has a high percentage of elderly people who love to have their weekly flutter and to also go down and see Julie in the general store - this seemed to us like a vital service to keep going.

So we rang and spoke to NSW Lotteries and they told us "due to your business NOT being a primary newsagency the answer is NO" - like that - no consideration of any factors - the fact that we already own the local post office counted for nothing and therefore another important service for our town is going - and added "no business in your town will be able to take this on unless you buy the general store" :(

The NSW State Government needs to stop this ludicrious rule and help little towns survive - this could well be the start of other businesses closing - most of us are doing it a little tough and we all try to support each other equally BUT when the government has other ideas you really have to wonder where we will all end up.

I wish my lovely friends a lovely retirement  and enjoy the sunshine xo a part of me is very very jealous!!

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Catherine said...

The governments just don't care. Unless you are within a 10km radius of the city's where, who?

They really have no idea of the hardships often associated with living in the bush. Perhaps when all the farmers and graziers throw their hands in the air and say we have had enough of being ignored and walk away, then governments will initiate change and actually begin to rebuild all the infrastructures needed to attract people to these areas and decentralise.